Thursday, January 5, 2012

Avatar of Mr Bean - Mr P goes back to work ……

It was back to work for Mr P after the holidays and everything went well the first day. That is to say, everything went well for Mr P. One cannot be so sure about his colleagues though......

At least he had not 'FORGOTTEN TO GO TO WORK IN A HANGOVER OF THE EUPHORIA OF  HOLIDAY MOOD' as in a very funny blog tweeted about by (So You Forgot You Had To Go To Work Today: ).

It cannot be misconstrued if it is said that this was exactly something Mr P could have easily done. Exactly up his street, so to say. Right up his alley......

But this day he had shaken off the holiday mindset and managed to reach work not that late, contrary to what was his usual rule. When he reached the open section which he shared with some of his colleagues as his office space, he sensed that something was amiss and his co-workers seemed very restless. Mr P sniffed. A very offensive smell pervaded the entire area!

His colleagues were trying hard to concentrate on their work at their desks, and had tried some air fresheners. That did not seem to ameliorate the situation much. Now when Mr P reached work, he tried to identify what the smell was. It was worse than:

  • Those socks he wore as an experiment to see how long he could wear them before he needed to wash them

  • Those poached eggs he had forgotten on the kitchen bench and gone for holidays

  • That packet of cauliflower and cabbage that had fallen off his shopping bag and rolled behind the freezer and remained hidden for weeks

The list could go on for ever if all the things Mr P had forgotten and allowed to decompose were included. But definitely, Mr P thought, this was something his colleagues were to be blamed for! And so it was much more unbearable than any other odours he had smelled.

"Well, well, well! Looks like some people here have never had a wash the entire holidays", he muttered loudly. He looked around at his colleagues with an air of a detective out to catch a culprit and disdainfully eyed their desks trying to find the source of that smell. In vain...

He then settled on his chair and opened the top drawer of his desk to get his pen.

That was when the others gagged and ran out from the office area!

Staring at him was a parcel of left-over  (...really?) party food from the office Christmas party celebrations before the holidays. He had stashed this in his draw planning to take them home later as unobtrusively as possible. Mr P cared very much on what others thought of him and did not like to be considered greedy. But somehow he had forgotten all about them! Was he inebriated or not....? "Blame the Shiraz and the Chardonnay! Or was it the Merlot or the Pinot noir? Or it could be the Cabernet Sauvignon."

Mr P looked at the parcel of what were once sausages and steaks and salads and coleslaw. And then Mr P was certainly glad he had not taken these home. Things were crawling on them!

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